THEON Mobile Platforms S.A.

THEON MOBILE PLATFORMS S.A. (``THEON'') was incorporated on 17/12/1998. It is the most recent member of the ALBION Group. Theon was incorporated to develop and integrate mobile robotic platform applications throughout Greece and the surrounding region in conjunction with industry leaders from the US.

More specifically, THEON offers a complete line of mobile robot platforms and accessories for research projects or applications, ranging from a mighty robot for complex laboratory research to the rugged versatile all-terrain robot vehicles. Object- oriented and CORBA-based, Mobility-TM provides a flexible, powerful, extensible toolkit for construction of virtually any kind of robot control system, and allows an unprecedented level of code re-use and transportability. THEON develops and provides low-cost, highly capable hardware and software building blocks and a common set of development tools and interfaces in support of advanced robotics research, as well as commercial and military robotics applications.

Market application includes, but is not limited to, mobility for the elderly and disabled, surveillance and security, bomb disposal and de-mining, under-sea missions, remote sensing, warehousing and automotive industry, entertainment etc.

Key Personnel

Vassilis Savvaides, was born in 16/10/1960, is married, has two children and is a 1986 graduate of University of Patras, Dept. Electrical Engineering. He carries ten years of experience in military electronics mainly as a production manager (ECON Industries). For the last three years he works for ALBION group, supporting technically the activities of the group. Recently he was named the managing director of THEON company.

Konstantinos Konstantinidis, was born in 13/07/1960, is married, has two children and is a 1984 graduate of University of Patras, Dept. Electrical Engineering. He has twelve years of experience as technical manager in high tech applications (telecommunication, telemetry, meteorology, robotics and industrial automation). Last year he undertook the management of RTD department of THEON.

Yannis Yiannoudis, was born in 29/12/1969, married, and is a graduate of Deree College with major in management. He has seven years of experience in marketing and management of industrial and service sectors (KANTOR management consultants, GEORGOULIS group). Last year he undertook the management of THEON's commercial department.